17 ene. 2014

Christmas and stuff!


I've been away for a while, but between holidays, coming back to class and all of that, I didn't really have time (or anything interesting) to update the blog. Looking through my folder of "human documentation", I found a couple of nice pics I took over the last months.

 (I wanted to try everything that had to do with Halloween! It's such a cute time of the year <3)

 (From Rococo to Revolution)

 (They were selling lots of old vinyls last November! It seems like they're coming back in style...)

 (This one was reeeeeeaaaally cool!)

 (My friends baked this cake!)

 (It was DELICIOUS <3)

(Christmas presentssss! Thank you again to everybody ;v;)

There's nothing really interesting to say... Well, this year I finally spent New Year's Eve with my friends and it was AWESOME <3 I was so happy to be there with them!!!

Right now we're working on a cosplay project (humans dress up as characters from books/series/comics they like?), so expect some pictures soon!

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