22 oct. 2013

Mission: Russian summer 1


Sorry for keeping you waiting but I had a veeery busy week and I didn't really go out last weekend (supermarket doesn't count).
Anyway, I'm here to show a very important mission I was on this summer. For once, the university did something good and granted me the chance to go to Russia for a month and, luckily, one of my best friends was chosen too! She knows from a long time ago that I'm an alien, but she doesn't care (and she's quite strange to be from Earth, I have to say that).

(Yes, we had to go from Malaga to Zurich, from Zurich to Geneva and from Geneva to Moscow Domodedovo)

We were in Moscow for the first three days. The first day I was totally jet-lagged, because we started our trip the day before and we arrived the day after at 3am but we arrived at our hotel later. And we had to get up early, because my friend's friends were going to show us the city.

(With my other two brave companions! X3 )

There was sooo much to see! I couldn't help taking pictures at every step I took, so please, bear with me just for once! It was my first time on this part of Earth!

(I fell in love with russian crows)

(And yeeees, that's me! Well, actually that was me before I cut my hair later this summer. Sorry for the "I'm horribly tired, please kill me" face)

(It didn't really work, but one has to try, right?)

And of course, when you to Moscow you HAVE to visit the Krasniy Ploshad! Everything was so big I couldn't fit anything at all in one picture.

(My dear friend Angela! We both look so tired!)

We walked from 12am to 8pm and we visited sooo many places! My feet hurt a lot when we got back to the hotel!
By the way, there are no pictures from the subway because it seems like there's a new law that doesn't allow people to take pictures or even draw there! So, I'm really sorry about that, because it's really beatiful and each station is different. Taking the subway is another MUST at Moscow.

(Balshoi Teatr! It was big as its name, it didn't fit the picture either D: )

(We couldn't stay in Moscow and not at least waving at the Duma, saying hi to the Super President, Mr. Putin xD)

(I'm a big fan fo "Master and Margarita" and when my friend's friends said we were going to see the Arbat, I was super happy!)

(The famous hotel Margarita crashes!)

(A wonderful wall for a wonderful artist <3 )

I don't want to make an endless entry about my russian summer, so I'll split it, okay? We really saw a lot of stuff and it would be too much just for an entry, so stay tuned for more!

13 oct. 2013

Mission: Granada Japan Weekend, Bubble Tea and more!


Here I am again, I hope you liked my last entry, even without pictures. This week has been a little strange for me and both good and bad stuff happened.
Last weekend I went out again with my flatmate's friends (yes, we hang out together a lot!) because I needed some air and we went to a tipical cafe here in Granada in the old side of the city.

Super yummy carrots+yogur+honey milkshake <3

We also visited some vintage shops (there are a lot in Granada). I think earthly clothes from older times are rather cute and they're very comfy! But they're also a bit expensive T_T
In that shop I found some beautiful red shoes that made me look like the witch from a movie my friends showed me long time ago, but I had to leave them there...

Yôkai Halloween edition! I want to make an outfit inspired on a yôkai one day! (I've been investigating on them for a while and they're veeeery interesting!)

And this weekend I met again with the lovely Meilin and we went together to the Granada Japan Weekend. It was soooo crowded that we couldn't barely see anything from the stands! We had to walk by them a lot of times and wait for a while before we could have a glimpse. We found some other lolitas and we chatted a bit with them, they were very cute <3
People also kept asking for pictures and at the entry they said I was the most original person of the day u//u That made me blush a little, because it's strange to be told that when you're an alien!
There was also a suuuuper annoying group that was hugging people without notice and I didn't quite like that. I hate when strangers touch me, so in the end I just had to shout at them to make them go away T_T I know I probably seemed nasty, but I really can't stand it. On my planet peoplen don't behave like that, so I'm not really used to it.

I love her outfits <3 She matched so well her hair with her clothes!

My own outfit! Shironuri again 8D

Hat: Claire's
Wig: Bodyline
Scarf: Mango
Dress: H&M
Hoodie: I can't really remember...
Accessories: Claire's, handmade by my friends, random shops

I was an alien witch! And yes, I brought my Scalemate (it's a dragon from a veeeery nice comic on the internet, which is quite famouse among aliens on Earth) because I thought it matched my outfit! Also handmade by a dear friend (the same who did the Sailor Moon brooch, actually!)

Meilin met a friend that she can't see very ofter, so here it is a picture for her! <3
After that, we went to drink bubble tea (an AWESOME drink from Earth, I wish I could bring it on my planet!) because we were suuper tired after a few hours at the Japan Weekend. We both took cherry flavour, but I added milk to mine <3

Mr. Purple + Usakumiya!

Then we both headed back home (stopping at a mediaeval market we spotted on the way, it was too dark for good pictures, sorry! I was super amused by all the ancient stuff they had brought and I had a chance to see a bit from the Earthly Middle Ages) and I finished making dinner for the ITALIAN NIGHT!
My flatmate and I had the idea to make dinner themes and for the first one we decided to go for the italian, since I was there on a mission for a long time before my ship landed in Spain.
Late in the evening there was a theme party at a disco near my house and I wanted to go, but I was afraid to go alone, so Pau let me experiment with her a bit!

It was funny to do her make up, even if in the end we stayed only for a little while at the disco because I was very tired.
Meilin asked me to make a shironuri tutorial, so I'll probably start to work on it next weekend (I have a HORRIBLE schedule that doesn't allow me to do anything during the week!). I've never done a tutorial, any tips? D:

See you soon!!

11 oct. 2013

Where we all follow our dreams...

Sorry for not updating for all this week, but I've been veeeeery busy! But I'm happy because my efforts were for something! I've been officially admitted in my japanese class, so I don't have to worry anymore ;v;
Anyway, today I wanted to publish here an essay I wrote some months ago for Rainbowholic contest ( http://the.rainbowholic.me/contests/japan-essay-contest-winners/#more-14798 ) about Japan and since I now have my own journal on the Internet, I suppose I should put it here. I got the 3rd place in that contest and I was veeeeery happy when I saw my name on Kaila's blog. I couldn't believe it! I even cried a little (yes, even aliens cry sometimes!).                                                                                                              

The World where we all follow our dreams

The first glimpse of Japanese culture I took was with manga and anime. Since I was little, I watched Sailor Moon, The Rose of Versailles and Saint Seiya on the TV and my mom always reminds  me how much I wanted to go to Japan even at that age.

When I grew up, I started getting more into anime and manga and at the same time, I started reading articles, books, blogs and everything I could get my hands onto about Japan. When I was 14, I stumbled upon a blog about Harajuku Fashion and it was love at first sight. At that time, I didn’t really care about my image, but when I found Decora, Visual Kei and Lolita, I wanted to look like the people I saw in street snaps and pictures.

My love for fashion has grown since then, when I took my first steps into Japanese fashion culture. At the age of 16, I really started dressing Lolita, but after a couple of years, reading magazines like Kera, Zipper and street-snaps blogs, I started wanting to make my own style. So, at 18, I started dressing how I felt, just letting my emotions go through my closet and my clothes. My style has been changing a lot, sometimes it is really colorful, other times I wear black&white outfits. I even uploaded an “evolution” album on my Facebook to show how much I had changed through the years.

Now my dream is to go to Japan, someday, feel all the things I have been watching from the distance, get a work there related to fashion or books. It’s a simple dream but just being there would be the happiest thing to me.

Japanese pop culture is under evolution, as it has been since I can remember. Trends come and pass by, but maybe now Japan is “absorbing” what’s on fashion nowadays. K-Pop is having a great impact worldwide, so it’s obvious that Japan, being nearer, must have been under its influence.
That’s what I like about Japanese pop culture. It’s always changing, adding new things and giving a special twist to everything, even if it comes from another country. But where I live, there is no such big boom about that.

Spain’s pop-culture is not as big as in Japan. There are communities scattered around my country, but I think the biggest ones are the Lolita community (like Lolita in Wonderland) and the Gyaru community. As they have some kind of rules that defines them, they’re easier to spot and they’ve had a bigger impact on the Spanish people. People who are not filed under any style are harder to find, as I have seen and I have been a Lolita too, my closer friends are also Lolitas. I’d like to find more people who dress freely and without boundaries, but I think that’s a question of time. Japanese pop-culture is starting to be well-known in Spain, so I hope one day we’ll see more kinds of fashion, because right now, culture around the world is under a big change.

There’s a worldwide crisis (in my country there are lot of problems related to it) and the younger generations grow up with the feeling that they’ll never have the opportunity to success in the fields they love. Lots of my friends are studying degrees they don’t really like just to be able to “survive” in the future. And that has an impact on culture, of course.
From what I’ve seen in fashion, resale and second hand shops are a big hit. They’re cheap clothes and they may be customized at your taste. That brings back clothing from other times, the ’70, the ’80 and the ’90, which were also times of change. Younger wants to show their spirit of fight from their clothes.

But there are a lot of opposites right now. We obsess over clothing. I obsess over clothing, I know I do. But I think, as I said, that we’re trying to fight for something better and bigger as  world peace and cultural harmony goes beyond that, but also starts from respect and love. One of the things I have to endure being part of this generation is others mocking me for dressing freely. If people could just accept differences, just starting by the way others dress, act or live, as long it’s in a respectful way, we would start caring for each other.

One of the things I like more is making presents. I can sew, knit and write short stories. I love giving stuff I have put effort into, because it’s a way to show love to others. It’s still materialistic, maybe, but it makes people happy. If we all started giving a little part of ourselves to others, freely, without expecting anything in change, maybe we could be better people and help our world to get better.
Kawaii, otaku and kakkoii culture is a start. We love cute things, so we should try making our world a “cuter” place. A place where we can love and live freely and happily. Where trees grow, where there are no wars, where people don’t suffer. Where we all follow our dreams.

I've always been strange, even on my planet... Too obsessed with the Earth!

4 oct. 2013

Last weekend


This week I've been very busy (apparently, I'm allergic to something on this planet, so I'm trying to figure out what it is) but here have some pictures from last weekend.
My roommate Melon was going to a new shopping centre they opened here in Granada with his friends and he asked me if I wanted to go too <3

The shopping centre is quite big and it has all sorts of shops. There were a lot of cute displays but I forgot to take a picture because I was so buys looking everywhere T__T

As there is a supermarket inside, we bought some food and sat on the grass (fake grass anyway... I didn't really understand why there was a spot like that). This is Paula (or "Glasses Pau", as everyone calls her xD)

Those are "Red Pau" (yes, we have two Paulas, so someone made up those nicknames) and Olga. They're always so funny!

And this is my roommate Melon, getting poked by Glasses Pau.

Strawberry socks! I'm absolutely in love with them <3

My penguin backpack from Claire's (another WONDERFUL place on Earth, they sell absolutely cute stuff <3) and my umbrella. When I open it, it's like it's not raining =D

Group picture of the "artists"!

I just found this picture very cute, so I'm uploading it anyway. Glasses Pau was playing with the fake grass.

AND FINALLY! This is my cutie kitten Sunshine. She fell from the sky (just like me) on August, when I was still on my Mother Ship. They're taking care of her there, because I couldn't bring her with me on my ship (strict animals policy). She's a lot bigger now but this is the last picture I took of her, I don't really know what she was doing... Maybe some dance from her own planet?

This is all for today, thank you for reading my space journal! <3


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