22 oct. 2013

Mission: Russian summer 1


Sorry for keeping you waiting but I had a veeery busy week and I didn't really go out last weekend (supermarket doesn't count).
Anyway, I'm here to show a very important mission I was on this summer. For once, the university did something good and granted me the chance to go to Russia for a month and, luckily, one of my best friends was chosen too! She knows from a long time ago that I'm an alien, but she doesn't care (and she's quite strange to be from Earth, I have to say that).

(Yes, we had to go from Malaga to Zurich, from Zurich to Geneva and from Geneva to Moscow Domodedovo)

We were in Moscow for the first three days. The first day I was totally jet-lagged, because we started our trip the day before and we arrived the day after at 3am but we arrived at our hotel later. And we had to get up early, because my friend's friends were going to show us the city.

(With my other two brave companions! X3 )

There was sooo much to see! I couldn't help taking pictures at every step I took, so please, bear with me just for once! It was my first time on this part of Earth!

(I fell in love with russian crows)

(And yeeees, that's me! Well, actually that was me before I cut my hair later this summer. Sorry for the "I'm horribly tired, please kill me" face)

(It didn't really work, but one has to try, right?)

And of course, when you to Moscow you HAVE to visit the Krasniy Ploshad! Everything was so big I couldn't fit anything at all in one picture.

(My dear friend Angela! We both look so tired!)

We walked from 12am to 8pm and we visited sooo many places! My feet hurt a lot when we got back to the hotel!
By the way, there are no pictures from the subway because it seems like there's a new law that doesn't allow people to take pictures or even draw there! So, I'm really sorry about that, because it's really beatiful and each station is different. Taking the subway is another MUST at Moscow.

(Balshoi Teatr! It was big as its name, it didn't fit the picture either D: )

(We couldn't stay in Moscow and not at least waving at the Duma, saying hi to the Super President, Mr. Putin xD)

(I'm a big fan fo "Master and Margarita" and when my friend's friends said we were going to see the Arbat, I was super happy!)

(The famous hotel Margarita crashes!)

(A wonderful wall for a wonderful artist <3 )

I don't want to make an endless entry about my russian summer, so I'll split it, okay? We really saw a lot of stuff and it would be too much just for an entry, so stay tuned for more!

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