13 oct. 2013

Mission: Granada Japan Weekend, Bubble Tea and more!


Here I am again, I hope you liked my last entry, even without pictures. This week has been a little strange for me and both good and bad stuff happened.
Last weekend I went out again with my flatmate's friends (yes, we hang out together a lot!) because I needed some air and we went to a tipical cafe here in Granada in the old side of the city.

Super yummy carrots+yogur+honey milkshake <3

We also visited some vintage shops (there are a lot in Granada). I think earthly clothes from older times are rather cute and they're very comfy! But they're also a bit expensive T_T
In that shop I found some beautiful red shoes that made me look like the witch from a movie my friends showed me long time ago, but I had to leave them there...

Yôkai Halloween edition! I want to make an outfit inspired on a yôkai one day! (I've been investigating on them for a while and they're veeeery interesting!)

And this weekend I met again with the lovely Meilin and we went together to the Granada Japan Weekend. It was soooo crowded that we couldn't barely see anything from the stands! We had to walk by them a lot of times and wait for a while before we could have a glimpse. We found some other lolitas and we chatted a bit with them, they were very cute <3
People also kept asking for pictures and at the entry they said I was the most original person of the day u//u That made me blush a little, because it's strange to be told that when you're an alien!
There was also a suuuuper annoying group that was hugging people without notice and I didn't quite like that. I hate when strangers touch me, so in the end I just had to shout at them to make them go away T_T I know I probably seemed nasty, but I really can't stand it. On my planet peoplen don't behave like that, so I'm not really used to it.

I love her outfits <3 She matched so well her hair with her clothes!

My own outfit! Shironuri again 8D

Hat: Claire's
Wig: Bodyline
Scarf: Mango
Dress: H&M
Hoodie: I can't really remember...
Accessories: Claire's, handmade by my friends, random shops

I was an alien witch! And yes, I brought my Scalemate (it's a dragon from a veeeery nice comic on the internet, which is quite famouse among aliens on Earth) because I thought it matched my outfit! Also handmade by a dear friend (the same who did the Sailor Moon brooch, actually!)

Meilin met a friend that she can't see very ofter, so here it is a picture for her! <3
After that, we went to drink bubble tea (an AWESOME drink from Earth, I wish I could bring it on my planet!) because we were suuper tired after a few hours at the Japan Weekend. We both took cherry flavour, but I added milk to mine <3

Mr. Purple + Usakumiya!

Then we both headed back home (stopping at a mediaeval market we spotted on the way, it was too dark for good pictures, sorry! I was super amused by all the ancient stuff they had brought and I had a chance to see a bit from the Earthly Middle Ages) and I finished making dinner for the ITALIAN NIGHT!
My flatmate and I had the idea to make dinner themes and for the first one we decided to go for the italian, since I was there on a mission for a long time before my ship landed in Spain.
Late in the evening there was a theme party at a disco near my house and I wanted to go, but I was afraid to go alone, so Pau let me experiment with her a bit!

It was funny to do her make up, even if in the end we stayed only for a little while at the disco because I was very tired.
Meilin asked me to make a shironuri tutorial, so I'll probably start to work on it next weekend (I have a HORRIBLE schedule that doesn't allow me to do anything during the week!). I've never done a tutorial, any tips? D:

See you soon!!

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