4 oct. 2013

Last weekend


This week I've been very busy (apparently, I'm allergic to something on this planet, so I'm trying to figure out what it is) but here have some pictures from last weekend.
My roommate Melon was going to a new shopping centre they opened here in Granada with his friends and he asked me if I wanted to go too <3

The shopping centre is quite big and it has all sorts of shops. There were a lot of cute displays but I forgot to take a picture because I was so buys looking everywhere T__T

As there is a supermarket inside, we bought some food and sat on the grass (fake grass anyway... I didn't really understand why there was a spot like that). This is Paula (or "Glasses Pau", as everyone calls her xD)

Those are "Red Pau" (yes, we have two Paulas, so someone made up those nicknames) and Olga. They're always so funny!

And this is my roommate Melon, getting poked by Glasses Pau.

Strawberry socks! I'm absolutely in love with them <3

My penguin backpack from Claire's (another WONDERFUL place on Earth, they sell absolutely cute stuff <3) and my umbrella. When I open it, it's like it's not raining =D

Group picture of the "artists"!

I just found this picture very cute, so I'm uploading it anyway. Glasses Pau was playing with the fake grass.

AND FINALLY! This is my cutie kitten Sunshine. She fell from the sky (just like me) on August, when I was still on my Mother Ship. They're taking care of her there, because I couldn't bring her with me on my ship (strict animals policy). She's a lot bigger now but this is the last picture I took of her, I don't really know what she was doing... Maybe some dance from her own planet?

This is all for today, thank you for reading my space journal! <3

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