30 sept. 2013

Mission: Lolita Secret Garden Picnic


In this entry of my space journal, I'm still going to talk about past events. My second week studying has just begun and I'm a bit tired (mostly because earthly-people don't know how to do schedules properly). On the next days I'll also have to do some paperwork that I don't really get but I really want to learn the language from Japan (I already said that some missions need to me accomplished there), so I'll have to endure the inefficiente burocratic system of this planet. I hope everything comes out well.

Anyway, while I still was in Tenerife, reporting to Mother Ship, some other space-travellers I'm very close to organised a cute picnic (it's supposed to be an event and people bring food and you eat outside on the ground). I was very happy to see them for the last time before coming back to Granada. I hope they can land their ships around here soon :(

I forgot my camera, so I took some pictures from some lovely girls who also attended to the picnic (Reila Hatsune, Chibi-Miky and Verónica)


We had a lot of fun and there was sooooo many food that I'd never tasted...!! I loved the experience and I hope we meet again <3
I was sad to leave, because I knew we wouldn't meet each other until Christmas (I've learned that this time of the year is very special because of religion and family meets and eats together and I also got holidays from university these past years, so it's nice, I think, as long as it's something that makes people happy).

Before leaving I met one of those space-travellers again, Ebichu, and we stayed together for my last night in Tenerife ;v; I miss her a lot! And Marie too! And everybody!

This entry was very short because I didn't want to take too many pictures from others (there's something called "copyright" and that doesn't allow to use someone else's stuff and I feel a little bad...) but on the next days there will be more updates about my journey.

See you soon!!! <3

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