28 sept. 2013

Mission: Harajuku Fashion Walk


Today I'm going to write about an event I organized some weeks ago in Tenerife. This event was being held in other places on Earth, disguised as a "fashion" event, but to me it actually looked like an event to gather uchuujins so they could meet and know each other. Moreover, it started in Japan, where I have to accomplish some of my missions in the future.

We met at the La Laguna station and I was surprised by how many had come! I didn't expect this at all, but I was glad my efforts were for something. I was also excited to see many new faces!

We came across a very nice place! After I landed on this planet, I discovered a very cute character named "Hello Kitty" and others from the same brand, "Sanrio". Since then, it's one of my favourite things on Earth <3

There was also a very cute display on a shop, but sadly it was closed :(

When our little expedition group stopped for a while, we started playing games with prizes I had brought from my planet =D

They all liked them and I was really happy about it!
After walking a bit more, we found a very cute shop with all sort of stuff.

These were super cute! They're very popular around the galaxy, but these didn't move like the one I saw on of my journeys :(

In case of emergency, only take one!!!

I hope you liked this entry about this first mission on this blog! See you next time! ;D

1 comentario:

  1. What a beautiful event *w*
    Joup, no sabes lo que me entristeció no poder ir, la verdad. Me alegro de que fuerais tantos y lo pasarais tan bien YwY
    Las fotos son preciosas :3
    El siguiente no me lo pierdo >_<
    Un besito muy grande y me alegro de que hayas vuelto al blog >//w//<



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