4 nov. 2013

Mission: Russian Summer 2


Again, sorry for the delay but between Halloween, family issues and all, I haven't been able to update. Having family on other planets (and even on the same planet but in other countries) can be really hard.
Anyway, I'm going to keep updating on my russian summer (yeah, a few months later and nearly in winter but...)

On the second day I was more tired than the previous, obviously because of the endless walking + not many hours of sleep. Another good friend of Angela picked up us to show new places.
I was very surprised that we stood super near the park that opens the story of The Master and Margarita. I was very happy to be there and feel the atmosphere <3

(Do not talk with strangers!)

While we were there, I found a crow's feather, that later magically disappeared from my purse (I didn't even open it! And I love crows, as I already said T_T ).
We kept walking and walking and coming across statues and monuments... Moscow is filled with history!

We then visited an orthodox church. It was my very first time and I didn't know what should I do when entering. In the end I just did the same everybody did (I'm not very familiar with some christian manners).

There was a sand museum next to the church and we got inside for a little bit.

After seeing 2376634 brides in a park near the church, we walked to the bridge to sit down and have a rest before looking for the art museum.

(We got this drink on a stand near the church, it was veeeery good and I could've had 10 more!)

(There were at least other ten trees like this!)

(In front of the art museum, where I feel in love with Vrubel <3 )

(My first RUSSIAN meal X3)

And this is all about our second day in Moscow! I had a great time with Antonina (she also spoke Italian and I was glad to use it for a while) and of course I really enjoyed everything we saw <3

Until the next update! <3

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