21 dic. 2013

December Fashion Inspiration

Since the "Christmas" holidays (some sort of traditional holiday, I bet you earthlings know more about it than me =3 ) started yesterday, I came back to Mother Ship for a few days.
These previous days I had all sort of things happening to me (getting sick, exams, crazy russian teachers, etc.) but at least now I can sleep all day long without having to wake up at a certain time.
Early this month I went to a "kawaii"exhibition with my friend Meilin but all the pictures are on my phone and I still don't understand how it works =_= (different technology is hard D8 ).
Anyway, I wanted to show you my fashion inspiration for this month, since I'm having two events later in December.

Lately I haven't dressed in black&white, but I've been more on the colorful side, as you see! I wish I could dye my hair in crazy colors, but I'm afraid to damage it since I don't know what effects Earth dyes may have on me...
I'll be updating with pictures from the events, so keep reading!!! <3

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