8 dic. 2013

Mission: Russian summer 4


I'm so sorry for the delay! After I came back from Italy, I had to reorganize my classes and study all the weekends because all my teachers decided to put exams NOW.
But I still have very good news! Finally I managed to get a mission in a place I've been longing to go from a long a time... Yes, you guessed right! I'm going to Japan next summer! <3
I've yet to organize the trip and everything, because I'll be travelling to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, but I'm really excited! There's still a lot of time until then, and it doesn't seem real to me...

Anyway, I still haven't finished telling how my mission in Russia went.
The teacher had showed us most of the city, which was very important during IIWW.

We saw nearly everything you could see in Voronezh! XD

During those days, I had the chance to meet one of my friend's best friends, Max. I spent little time with him, but he's such a nice (and good-looking, I know Angela's reading this xD) guy.

We went to this strange medieval-like restaurant and I had a great time with everyone <3

We went a lot of times to Svetlana's house and her mother was always cooking something for us <3

Some days later we went on a little trip to the woods. There was a natural museum, where there were lots of (dead) animals. I'm not posting pictures because I know some of you may don't like it, but I assure you that none of those animals were killed with the purpose of taking them to the museum.

 By the way, I'm going to say that the walk through the woods was beautiful... but I'm never going to set foot there! I don't know why (maybe because I'm from another planet and my blood is different) but mosquitoes were all over me! When I came back home I was like a giant swollen red ball T__T
In the next weeks, we visited this church which was built by Peter The Great (I love how his name sounds in English, we were repeating it all the time) and a war museum!

We also went with Max and one of his friends to a beautiful house from the 19th c. It was an awesome day and it ended more awesomely (it started raining a lot, we invited Max to our apartment and in the end we were all drinking vodka).

(Full moon from my bedroom <3 I spent a lot of time writing by my window)

And this is one of the most strange places we went! It was a restaurant decorated like it was a sovietic apartment xD

(Red drink, OF COURSE!)

(We always recognized our bus stop with this giant red pyramid XD)

(Our lovely teacher, whom I'll never forget <3)

And this is all, my friends. I saw lot of places and lot of people. I learned a lot. I spoke Russian and probably improved it a bit. I now have a visa on my passport that says I've been in Russia. And it was a wonderful summer with one of my best friends, Angela. I love travelling with her <3

Now I have to arrange my trip to Japan! It will be another awesome summer, I will finally see my friends there and see everything I've been longing to see and feel by myself, not through pictures.

I hope I get my camera back soon, so I can post more updated entries and not bore you with all this old stuff! XD

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