26 may. 2015



Last week I handed in my final thesis and tomorrow and the day after are my last days of uni. After that, only two exams (the last one on July... ugh...) and I'll have officially finished my degree! Yay! Since I haven't been doing much lately apart of finishing my thesis and other papers for school, today I am just posting some old outfits. Hope you like them!

La semana pasada por fin entregué mi TFG y mañana y pasado son mis últimos días de clase. Después de eso, dos exámenes (uno en julio, por dios...) ¡y habré terminado oficialmente la carrera! ¡Viva! Y como no he estado haciendo mucho más aparte de eso y otros trabajos, he pensado en postear algunos conjuntos de este año. ¡Espero que os gusten!

( Hat: eBay // Wig: Bodyline // Sweater: offbrand // Salopette: SPINSS)

(Headdress: offbrand // Wig: taobao // Sweater: Pull&Bear // Purse: Hello Kitty)

(Headdress & Wig: same as above // Sweater: H&M // Boots: eBay)

(Headbow: offbrand // Sweater: second-hand // Shorts: custom // Socks: WEGO)

(Hat: Claire's // Jacket & Sweater: Pull&Bear // Tights: eBay // Friend: ????)

(T-shirt: Bershka // Salopette: Pull&Bear // Badges and accessories: offbrand)

 (Wig: Bodyline // Headbow: Claire's // T-shirt & Skirt: H&M // Tights: eBay // Shoes: Natura)

 (Headbow: offbrand // T-shirt: Chuxxx // Shorts and shoes: custom)

(I swapped styles with my friend, so I don't know where she got these clothes)

(Denim jacket: custom // SnK Jacket: eBay // T-shirt: Pull&Bear)


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